Award-winning violinist Tim Kliphuis (NL) is the world's leading tutor of Stéphane Grappelli's violin style, and a true gypsy jazz legend. He gives workshops and masterclasses worldwide at a growing number of festivals, summer schools, conservatoires and competitions.
Combining his experiences with the fiery European gypsies such as Fapy Lafertin and Stochelo Rosenberg with a master's degree in classical violin, he has created a unique teaching methodic of gypsy jazz violin that led to his first book “Gypsy Jazz Violin” (Mel Bay) reaching bestseller status.

In The Grappelli Workshop, Tim usually works with an all-string group, although wind players are welcome. He alternates stylistic tips about timing, vibrato and slides with improvisation exercises, and also devotes some time to learning a few ‛licks’ (phrases) which are followed up in his recent book “Grappelli Licks”.

Alternating between individual tips, group coaching and the odd bit of jazz history, Tim keeps every player 100% involved in the workshop and conveys other important music skills such as communication and ensemble playing.

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“Tim gets closer to Stéphane’s world-renowned sound than anybody I’ve heard, and can tell you just how to go about it.”
- Darol Anger

“A fabulous and tremendously informative look at the style of the great man, by one of the foremost players around!”
- Matt Glaser, String chair, Berklee College of Music

“Stéphane Grappelli’s style is alive and well in the hands of Tim Kliphuis.”
- Nigel Kennedy

Tim Kliphuis is one of the world’s top improvising violinists with a unique and popular style, blending classical, gypsy jazz and folk music. He has shared the stage with Richard Galliano, The Rosenberg Trio, Frankie Gavin and Les Paul. Tim has a busy international schedule and is an in-demand educator at festivals, competitions and schools worldwide. He has written the bestselling book “Gypsy Jazz Violin” as well as the follow-up, “Grappelli Licks”, the acclaimed Hot Jazz Violin DVDs and downloadable Jazz Etudes.

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